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Re: xf86setup_3.3.2.3a-6

On Tue, Oct 27, 1998 at 07:33:06PM +0000, Ruud de Bruin wrote:
> I am having problems in using xf86setup from slink. I am starting from
> scratch and have choosen a "complete development environment" during the
> initial setup. I am trying to get all the programs from slink via apt.
> I am having problems with xf86setup. This programs refuses to start
> because many programs are not yet installed on my HD. However, it is very
> difficult to find the programs that are needed on the slink distribution.
> (E.g. on one occasion it needed a README file).
> Can someone tell me which .deb files need to be installed before xf86setup
> can succesfully be launched?

I tried setting up a machine for a friend last night and ran into the
same problem.  I'm guessing that new X packages will solve these problems,
since we've been warned to put X on hold.  ;)  One thing I noticed is that
there don't appear to be many (or any?) of the necessary dependencies
between the new X packages.  Also, the old X font packages are still on
the FTP site.

I managed to get things running, but not with x86setup.  I had to tweak
a lot of stuff by hand and I had to keep going back to find yet another
X package...


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