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Re: tar and the braindead man

On Mon, Oct 26, 1998 at 05:34:44AM -0800, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> Close, but no cigar. 
> syntax is:
> tar -cvf /dev/tapedevice /usr/thedirectory.
> To make a full backup I did:
> tar -cvf /dev/st0 / --exclude /dev --exclude /proc
> (my tape drive is a scsi rdat on /dev/st0)  This command backed up
> everything, except the dev and proc directories.  (I had some BAD
> things happen trying to access the devices as files, and you don't
> need to backup the /proc directory as it does NOT exist on the disk.) 
> Don't leave your cd rom mounted for this or it will get backed up
> also, why waste 650MB of tape for something that can't be trashed?!

here is how I do my full backups and it works GREAT

tar clvf /dev/st0 /

This uses -l which tells it to ONLY get things on the local device
NB: if /home or anything is on a differnt partition then it needs
to be explicitly added. 

This works well for me, excludes /proc and /cdrom etc
Just thought I would pass it along ;)


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