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lilo (linux -> dos) problem

I'm having trouble writing a lilo.conf file that will do what
I want it to do.  I can't seem to get around a specific error.

My setup:

2 hard drives.

/dev/hda is linux only (3.2 G)
  /hda1 is a bootable linux partition (primary)
  /hda2 is swap space (primary)

/dev/hdb is dos/windows only (400 M)
  /hdb1 is a bootable dos (6.2) partition (primary)
  /hdb2 is an extended dos partition (logical)

My lilo.conf file looks like:

boot = /dev/hda1

image = /vmlinuz
root = /dev/hda1
label = l

other = /dev/hdb1
table = /dev/hdb
label = d

When I hit "l" I get what looks to me (I'm new at this) to
be a good linux boot.  When I hit "d" I get an error that
looks like (if I'm remembering the details correctly):

Non-system disk or disk not available error
Insert correct disk and hit any key when ready

Yet I know I can boot dos off of that disk.  I've been
doing so for years.  Until now I've been switching between
OS's by going into the bios and selecting a boot sequence
that boots off of the disk with the OS I want (my bios
supports a lot of boot sequence options).  Both linux
and dos boot up fine this way.  It's only when I try to
boot up dos using lilo that I can't seem to get into it.

I can't find anything in any of the docs that suggests
what the problem might be or looks like this error message.
Anyone got any ideas?

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