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Re: Hi/True Color mode for X ! please help

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Linh Dang wrote:

> I have just installed ham from SLS. Everything is fine except X
> in Hi (16bits) or True (24bits) color.
> I have a Sony CPD 200sf and a PCI ATI 3D Rage II+ with 8Mb on board.
> I have an excellent 1280x1024@74Hz in 8bits depth but when I switch to
> a 16/24/32 bits mode, I get an 1-inch-wide column of noise at 1/4 of 
> the screen on the left side. All the other area of the screen is OK 
> except for that column.
> - I configured X with XF86Setup and tuned it with xvidtune.

Try launch xvidtune from an xterm and see whether small changes can solve
the problem. Usually it helps in such an intermittent case. You can also
try to look at /etc/X11/XF86Config to see if there is anything suspisious. 

> - Windog95 has no problem in 1280x1024@74Hz in 16bits. 
Try to dig through Win95 files. Some video drivers actually have a
configuration file with timings (I have such a file for my 
Matrox Millenium II, so I've made timings in Linux exactly the same as in

Another suggestion: rename your XF86Config and run xf86config program. It
usually produces somewhat different configuration. Use the best video
timings of these two methods.


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