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Re: [Debian] support for Adaptec 2940UW2 ?

Nico De Ranter <nico@sonycom.com> writes:
| I'm trying to install Linux on a machine with an ADAPTEC
| 2940UW-2 SCSI board but it keeps on saying scsi: 0 hosts
| ore something like that.  I know there is support for the 
| 2940UW but I'm not sure whether this is the same board.

It's not.

| Does anybody have any experience with this scsi board?

Unfortunately I don't think you're going to be able to install unless
you've got a hard drive on another interface, e.g., IDE. There is a
driver that will work with the 2940U2W but you either have to install
kernel 2.125 or kernel 2.0.35 with a patch from


in order to use your 2940U2W.

There are boot disks for SuSe and Redhat at that site but I haven't
seen anyone do the equivalent for Debian.


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