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Motherbnoard Sound Device

Hi Fellow Motherboard Sound Device Users,

I too am having the same difficulty, getting my motherboard
sound device to be recognized by the current linux sound
drivers.  I've done all sorts of gyrations with the kernel
and configuring sound ( I've configured fixed and loadable
modules ), and to date, it always comes back the same.
The configuration takes place, but the devices are not found.
I've also used MSS" in my configurations, to no avail.

The motherboard is a Pentium MMX which has an on board Sound
Pro.  The documentation states, it is Sound Blaster 16/PRO
compatible. Windows 95 is using the following to access the
sound device and it works great.  The specs are:

 SB16  DSP 4.13  Port: 220h  IRQ: 5  DMA: 1  DMAhigh: 5

I've contacted several linux/sound/knowledgeable persons,
and they all state that the current sound drivers do not
support the motherboard sound device.

I hope that I'm putting "my foot in my mouth", ( because
it would provide a solution to our problem ); but, I
think that until someone modifies a current sound driver,
or writes a new one, if we want sound, we'll have to look
elsewhere for a solution.


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