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Re: Do I have a win-sound card?

Hi, Paul

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Paul Rightley wrote:

> I just bought a new machine (at work) and it came with both video and
> sound on the motherboard.  

If it's SiS 5578, then you can check out SuSe
X server - www.suse.com

> I tried (briefly) to get XFree to work with
> the on-board video controller, but to no avail (other than at standard
> VGA resolutions).  

I was able to use it with standard X SVGA server - but with
soft cursor only...

> I used instead the video card from my 'old' machine.
> I did not have a sound card in the 'old' machine and I was interested
> in getting sound working.
> The motherboard is made by Amptron and is a PM-9100.  The description
> of the sound is "SB 16/PRO compatible with DirectSound 3D support",
> "HRTF 3D Positional Audio Technology with full duplex stereo",
> "Supports 44.1K digital audio-in (SPDIF)" and "Windows NT/98/95/3.1 and
> MS-DOS supported by drivers"
> This last statement makes me doubt that I will get it to work, however
> I though I would ask the list.  I compiled in sound (SB16 with appropriate
> addresses), but - so far - to no avail.
> Does anyone have any experience with such a motherboard?

i don't use sound, but you can try to set it as 
WSS (windows sound system), and check WSS driver...

> Thanks for any assistance,
> Paul Rightley



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