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Debian KDE philosophy

As I read in some postings (slashdot.org and several other mailing
lists) debian is planning not to distribute KDE (and qt) anymore. 

Could anyone tell me the reason why kde should not be distributed via
the non-free-tree (ftp)... Netscape is available as well (and this is
software what I call NONFREE in terms of GPL). What about a

What annoyes (sp?) me is that people say "Linux needs a nice workspace"
- and for me, kde is one - and then say, "well, kde is nice, but not
free and therefore we dont want to distribute it". I dont want to start
a flamewar here, maybe somebody could explain technical or legal-reasons
to me.

Thank you, Gernot

P.S.: I dont know if this is the right place to ask - if not, maybe we
could solve this via email and not via the debian-user-list. And, sorry
for my bad english.
Wolfgang Gernot Bauer
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