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Re: X Installation

DeJay wrote,
> > Did you have a coprocessor, and did you have xfs running?

> yes, I had a coprocessor.

> I believe you are referring to 'xdm', not xfs.  i had xdm running as
> well.  xfs (dos-based nfs client) was running on my 286, while pcnfsd
> nfsd and mountd were running on my 386. 

Nope, I mean xfs, the font server.  X renders fonts for itself unless 
it's using one.  The lines 


in /etc/X11/config will cause it to be started.  I know xdm uses it if 
also started here, and I presume that startx does as well.  However, 
with macbsd, i had to include the port number for xfs (i forget) as 
start of the launch.

If you're on a slow machine, i'd strongly suggest xfs.  it made my life 
much easier.

> netscape took between 8 and 
> 15 minutes to load, 

That smacks of rendering fonts.  Change the fonts, or even remove the 
postscript fonts from your system.

>and as soon as I landed on a page with too much
> animation (animated gifs or java scripts, it didn't matter), netscape
> would lock up my whole machine.  i used every trick in the book to
> kill netscape and/or get back into the machine with another console or
> another terminal... but even my serial-line terminal was locked up, so
> I know that there was no way back in.  BTW, only 70% of my virtual
> memory was occupied when it crashed.  if you have any suggestions that
> I have not thought of yet, i am willing to try them >:-)

hmm.  I usually run around with auto-load-images and all java off, no 
matter how fast a machine i'm using.  And I'd love a way to only let 
gifs flash once, like i could on the mac (macos, not macbsd.  the 
filter worked differently than junkbuster).

One other idea:  a quick & dirty script to kill netscape after a few 
minutes unless another file is updated.  Then leave it on overnight 
after a crash to make sure it really crashed.



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