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Network load balancing and virtual hostnames

Hi all,

unfortunately I have my mind set on taking on a rather tricky problem:

We have two servers here with three network ports each connected to a
100MBit switch which ideally should share their network load between each
other and across all three network interfaces.
Now, the more recent versions of bind seem to allow a sort of round-robin
access to a pool of IP's behind a virtual hostname - unfortunately I can't
seem to find the config file settings for this in bind's manual ???

This would of course still not implement real load balancing but it'd be a
start. There seems to be something called OPSF routing via gated out
there, but I have not found any references yet, how exactly this could be
used for load balancing... 
Any specialist out there ? Is gated part of any of the Debian network
packages - it doesn't seem so ?

Third I tried using routed for outgoing packets but that daemon only seems
to switch network interfaces in case of complete failure not based on
network load, hmmm...

To sync the data on the two servers I had a look into rsync (which is one
way, but still a viable option as changes to the host data happen
consecutively) and came across omirror, a Debian package which seems
highly experimental at this time but does just what we need: Synchromize
the data on two mirror file systems whenever a change on either one
For this we have a fourth network interface available to hook the two
servers up with. Does anyone have experience with omirror, is it reliable
enough for a not too critical university network setup ?

If anybody out there runs a network setup similar to this I'd be very
grateful for pointers to information or, better even, examples !


       /(__  __|\          Lars Steinke, Research Student @
      (    \/  __)_        www.fmf.uni-freiburg.de, Germany
       )   (_____  /       for PGP PKey and WWW-Page finger
      /___________/        steinke@mibm.ruf.uni-freiburg.de

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