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install debian

One (?bizzare?) way around this is to set the shortcut properties in
W95 for loadlin to "Use MS-DOS Mode" and specify a config.sys
containing himem.sys and emm386.exe. copy the kernel from the CD to
the hard disk so that loadlin picks it up without the DOS cd drivers

I found this to work on a digital machine that wouldn't install from a 
rescue disk or boot from the CD or allow me to boot to the DOS command 
prompt. Once we had linux booting it was clear that the motherboard
was broken BTW.

John F.

Zheng Wang writes:
 > Hi,
 > Did someone successfully install Debian on Dell's workstation? I get
 > trouble in doing that. I try to install from the hard disk. When I run
 > install, it give me the following information:
 > D:\>loadlin linux root=/dev/ram initrd=root.bin 
 > LOADLIN v1.6 (C) 1994..1996 Hans Lermen <lermen@elserv.ffm.fgan.de>
 > CPU is in V86-mode (may be WINDOWS, EMM386, QEMM, 386MAX, ...)
 > You need pure 386/486 real mode or a VCPI server to boot Linux
 > VCPI is supported by most EMS drivers (if EMS is enabled),
 > but never under WINDOWS-3.1 or WINDOWS'95.
 > (However, real DOS-Mode of WINDOWS'95 can have EMS driver with VCPI)
 > If loading via VCPI you also MUST have:
 >   1. An interceptable setup-code (see MANUAL.TXT)
 >   2. Identical Physical-to-Virtual mapping for the first 640 Kbytes
 > Your current DOS/CPU configuration is:
 >   load buffer size: 0x00000000     , setup buffer size:  0x3E00
 >   total memory:     0x00100000
 >   CPU is in V86 mode
 >   SetupIntercept: NO
 >   stat2: cpu_V86, but no VCPI available (check aborted)
 >   input params (size 0x0023):
 >     linux root=/dev/ram initrd=root.bin
 >   LOADLIN started from DOS-prompt
 > WARNING: Not enough free memory (load buffer size)
 > On my machine, the D: driver has about 4GB. I will use it for linux.
 > Thanks.
 > Zheng Wang, Ph. D
 > Department of Statistics and Applied Probability 
 > University of California, Santa Barbara
 > E-mail: zwang@pstat.ucsb.edu; http://www.pstat.ucsb.edu/~zwang
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