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Re: lost "dir" in /usr/info

 Obi wrote:
> Well I got a dir from another machine (I didn't have the dir.old either) and I
> tried to manully add the node I have that wasn't already in there. And now I
> can't look into the libc nodes. I mean, it shows up in the dir (so if I do
> info it shows up) but the libc menu page is without any link! I reinstalle
> twice the libc6-doc, but I can't access the pages! 
> What can I do?
> thanks
> graziano
> [ ..snip.. ]

Ok, perhaps you are lucky you got that far. :)

I would try, by removing what you added manually.  Then remove libc6-doc
package, making sure you purge it (dpkg --purge libc6-doc).
Re-install it again.  From what I can see in the info files and dir file, it
should install properly.
Perhaps it is getting mixed up with what you added in the dir file.


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