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Re: viewing ansi graphics

 > I don't know how to display the higher-ascii characters in the text-mode
 > console, but if under X you start an xterm or rxvt or whatever and load
 > it with an ansi font (eg xterm -font vga or rxvt -fn vga, you'll need to
 > download the font first) then you can properly display all those colored
 > blocks and funky characters. If anyone knows how to display these
 > characters in text mode, please let me know.

The "vga" font is included in the "dosemu"-Package.
A "vga13x19" (or something like this) comes with "bitchx",
but is too big for most peoples needs.

To change the font for Eterm, use "Eterm -F fontname".
( IIRC it's documented as "-fn" somewhere?!? )

In the console you can use "setfont" to change to some of the fonts
installed in "/usr/share/consolefonts/*". I don't know where to get
a "cp437..." from, but "cp850..." is at least a bit better for ANSIs
than my default iso-fonts.

Disabling "setfont" in the startup-scripts might help. (I didn't try.)


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