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Re: some questions

D'jinnie wrote:
> I don't seem to have too much luck with fine-tuning my Debian machine. I
> can't find xv (which I really like), compile all of the pine 4.05 dist
> (undefined references to crypt) and other little annoyances. Dselect just
> swamps me with all the packages with no way of isolating just the ones I
> want...BTW, is there a way to make dpkg show all the files it's
> installing? I get nervous when I don't know what it's doing or where it's
> going....

If you want to search for a particular package in dselect, use the `/'. 
I hate to say this, but reading dselect's online help is very

If you want to know what files are installed by a package and where they
went, use `dpkg --listfiles <package-name>'.  Again, `dpkg --help' and
`man dpkg' are very useful.


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