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Re: Quick Question

Thanks for the pointers from both you and Ray. And to David Engle for the
Debian Package. I have done some fiddling around and have a work around on 
your two points.

On Fri, Sep 25, 1998 at 09:48:52AM -0700, Lazar Fleysher wrote:
> There are two things I would like to add.(Hope you find it interesting)
> 1. When I installed xringd, it could not find the modem and -m option did
> not work.So I recompiled xringd and explicitly defined modem device as
> /dev/ttyS1

	1. This is probably the best solution, but I am not very good at 
recompiling things. So what I did was link /dev/ttyS1 (my setup) to 
/dev/modem and it started working fine. I hope this was right as I issued 
the following command in the /dev dir:

	ln -s /dev/ttyS1 modem

	I now have a soft link to the ttyS1 to the modem.

> 2. When you start pon it resets the modem and after you do poff, xringd
> will NOT detect incoming calls. I did not find any clever way to overcome
> this problem, except making cron execute 
> start-stop-daemon -stop -s HUP xringd
> every hour. This resets xringd and thus the modem.
> I do not know how generic such a situation is, but I thought you might
> find it interesting..

2. On this one, I used Ray's idea of using the ip-up directive in
/etc/ppp/ip-up but I expanded it a little.

I ended up adding "/etc/init.d/xringd stop" in the /etc/ppp/ip-up script and
when I log off, I added "/etc/init.d/xringd start" in the /etc/ppp/ip-down
script. This works great and RESETs and starts monitoring the ttyS1 port
after ppp is down. 

The reason I stopped xringd with the ip-up, is basically I know it isn't
going to be used and why waste resources when it isn't needed. Thanks to
David Engle <david@debian.org> for setting up the package it self and using
the /etc/init.d/xringd script. I guess if it hadn't been for the initial
debian setup, and your's and Ray's pointers, I would have been pretty well 
lost and would probably never got it working right. But as far as I can 
tell everything is working like I expected it to.


Thanks to everyone that replied and helped me out on this one. There wasn't
too much available on xringd on the net as I looked and couldn't find very
much information

Mike Acklin
Debian User

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