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Re: Iomega Zip

On Sun, Sep 20, 1998 at 11:39:48PM -0500, dsb3 wrote:
> > I
> >certainly wish
> >to use Zip, and eventually Jaz with Linux, and in my extreme desire to
> >completely
> >seperate myself from the Microsoft dictatorship, I also wish to toss
> >the Fat16
> >format these disks have in favor of the far superior ext2.
> Unless my memory fails me, I've formatted a zip disk in ext2 complete with
> swap partition and installed linux.  I did this at the beginning of the
> year when I had access to a zip drive - I still have the disk but alas
> don't have a drive so can't verify exactly whats on there...
> Anyway, the point of what I want to say is this.  Why bother with ext2 on
> a zip disk.  You're most likely going to use it to move files between
> computer 1 and computer 2.  Possibly to take files from computer 1 and
> archive them offline someplace.  Why do you need ext2?

Long file names, permissions, its far faster (linux much prefers ext2 to any
other format).  Besides, I like showing the limitations of windows machines
"I can read your disk but you can't read mine" - improved security I guess

Adrian (who always has more ext2 diskspace than DOS/NTFS diskspave <g>)

email: adrian.bridgett@zetnet.co.uk, http://www.poboxes.com/adrian.bridgett
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