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adding SCSI disks

Hi all,
this is not a debian problem, but probably many debianers know the answer to
this question.
I have an IBM netfinity 3000 with 2 SCSI adapters, one aha 2940UW and one
2940AU. the second one is supposed to drive an external box with 4x9.1GB disks,
the first one drives the internal disk only. the external box can contain up to
8 disks, and in the future we'll probably use more disks.
my question is: no matter how I tried, the 'finity sees the 2940au as the first
adapter, so the internal disk is named after the external diskis. now it's 
called sde and lilo config says to boot from sde. if I add new (external) disks,
the internal will be called sdf/sdg/sdh/whatever and the machine won't boot.
how can I change lilo.conf before adding new disks to let the machine boot
again? I know it can be done (it's done at the end of debian config, when
the istall program asks: do you want to boot from hd?)
I have tried with 

lilo -C path-to-lilo.conf -i path-to-boot.b 

but it complained about not finding /vmlinuz ..

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