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How to start PPP?

Okay; I give up on the documentation. Maybe someone on the list can help.

I've got a minimal Debian 2.0 system up and running (base install from the
floppies and that's it). I've run pppconfig and told it to create a
connection named "bub". I haven't found any documentation that tells me how
to use this connection. I've found several references to running pon, or
pppd, and references to chatscript and provider and etc etc etc.

I've figured out that if I just type pon the system tries to use the
"provider" connection (which doesn't work, presumably because the
"provider" files aren't properly configured - it gives an error message
about /dev/modem being an unrecognized option). But if I type pon bub
(which is what I would have thought would've used the "bub" connection),
all that happens is the system thinks for a couple of seconds and then
returns me to a prompt. There's no modem activity or messages or anything.

Any suggestions as to what I can do different? Thanks!

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