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Re: Boot messages from a very difficult install

> This is a long story.  I'll make it as short as I can.
> I've been having a devil of a time trying to get the Hamm install
> kernel to read my hd at boot.  I'm using the lowmem option to
> install on a 4mb PS/2 model 35.  (By the way, this is one of the
> very few PS/2's that have an AT bus, so MCA is not the problem.)
> Both drives I tried are able to boot into DOS and Windows and
> check out okay on diagnostic checks.
> A newsgroup post suggested compiling a kernel with the old
> harddisk MFM/RLL/IDE driver.  I did and wrote it to the lowmem
> bootdisk.  The boot messages say a lot more now, but I'm unable to
> interpret them.  Can someone on the list give them a shot?  Here
> they are:
>  	hd: controller still busy
>  	hda: reset timed out: status=0xff { Busy DriveReady WriteFault
>  		SeekComplete DataRequest CorrectedError Index Error }
>  	hda: reset timed out: error=0xff { BadSector UncorrectableError
>  		SectorIdNotFound DriveStatusError TrackZeroNotFound
>  		AddrMarkNotFound }, CHS=65535/15/255, Sector=0
> The weird thing: the CHS numbers don't match either what CMOS says
> (under MSD in DOS) or what I pass to the kernel at the boot
> prompt, i.e. hd=1010,12,55.  (The drive is a WD Caviar 340 MB.)
> This may indicate the enhanced IDE driver is needed after all, but
> that gives the 'timed-out', 'status=0xff', and 'Busy' messages in
> any case.

This is the kind of messages that remind me of broken/dying hard disks I
have seen.  Since it is an old machine, are you sure the hard disk is
working at all?


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