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Re: Debian DSELECT

You going to hear that most of the things you've suggested are being
address or 'in the works.'  The reason for this is that Debian & Linux
are from the Unix background.  

1) Supported by volunteers.  The volunteers are usually building stuff
they find useful and donate it back to the public.  

2) These volunteers have been in a highly technical environment.  You'll
see solutions there first.  Unix was used for 'big' machines.  Now that
it is being used more on a desktop level, you'll see more 'hold your
hand' or 'management' type software come available.  First priority is a
solid secure machine.  Many Linux boxes are servers or otherwise
publicly available machines.

Joris Lambrecht wrote:
> 1. Easy of use and installation (though now i mind less after 2 weeks of
> getting grips labour)

We're addressing this.  Look at www.debian.org and search on 'apt'

> 2. D O C U M E N T A T I O N ( why all these cryptic files and no real
> database ??? HTML yes?)
When the documentation is lacking, you can get help from the userbase
and/or developers.  This isn't the case w/ M$.  Yes, coders probably
don't make the best tech writers.  You might consider helping out in
this area.

> Installing and removing LOOKS easy but there's very little REAL
> version/dependency checking done.

In my experiance Debian is far superior to anything Micro$oft has put
out.  We had version checking long before they did.  On any Win32
platform, try installing ODBC 16-bit and 32-bit then install Access 2.0
and 7.0(97) now add drivers for Oracle & Sybase (Why? try supporting
several platforms as a dev in M$-land.)  Try installing two different
versions of VB on that system.

> Geez, sometimes i start thinking of winDOWs as a better platform just
> because one can ****up a system
> doing simple installation procedures. HELP i'm no

Sure, I've seen many people loose stuff installing on a M$ machine too. 
If you really want help, ask the question.  If all you want to do is
rant, you'll probably get very few responses.  We didn't force you to
use this OS.  (We're not getting compensated for helping either).

BTW, don't even think about mentioning upgrades from Win95 to Win98. 
I've known more people who 'Get to start with a clean system' when the
tried to 'upgrade' than have success.

> hacker/coder/programmer/techie just an experienced user
> of operating systems doswinlix and NOT even considering to become one.
> REALLY leave the coding to the
> guys/girls who know what they're doing i think to myself. But all i see
> is NEW kernel releases and NOT
> new USER friendly add-ons such as installation, configuration, manual
> database, manuals with more indepth
> information on exactly what files to alter etc . . .
If you've spent more than a month reading the debian-devel or
debian-user, I think you'd see more anticipation regarding apt and other
such projects than kernal releases.  

> To set the record straight, I REALLY LIKE DEBIAN LINUX and the other
> LINUX Distributions, i just think
> it's disturbing to 'allready' see flaws in development. My thoughts on
> this are 'of course' not complete or even
> accurate but should indicate, again the need for a Standard User
> Friendly environment to people leaving the
> winDOWs platform or choosing to widen their horizon.
It is also in the works.  Actually, it is compatibility amongst the
Linux community.  This will probably drag the Commercial UNIX
implementations along with it.  (The bin compatible libc6 did.)  Debian
is already able to install RedHat packages(RPMs) and vice versa.

> Finally, why not deliver a good WORDprocessor on the distribution /
> contribution CDR ?
> It's considered a Major lack in any distribution.
Interesting, M$, MacOS, OS/2(is it really major) don't seem to have one
included in the OS.  If you want one, you've got to pay for it.  Now if
you want a text editor, Debian comes with several.  Infact, we have
spelling checkers for several languages.  Do they?

If you want suite software, you have a choice of at least three for

Agian, if you have a _real_ question, do a little searching, ask the
list (providing information of where you're at in the process).
What do you want to spend today?
Debian GNU/Linux  (Free for an UNLIMITED time) 
Greg Vence    KH2EA/4

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