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WindowMaker 0.19.2-1 and Meta (aka windows) key

I installed WindowMaker 0.19.2-1 from slink and tried to change the modifier
key to Meta instead of Alt.

Both xkeycaps and xmodmap say my Meta key is mod4, where my Alt key is mod1;
WPrefs also captures my meta-?? keypresses as mod4-??, ok.

I changed all occurences of mod1 with mod4 in ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WindowMaker
and it isn't working (neither Alt-?? nor Meta-?? nor any other modifier perform
any action); i change it back to mod1 and everything works perfectly (except
commandline completion in Midnight Commander, of course :-| )

Afterstep was handling Meta perfectly, so it seems to be something specific to

				Ciao! Enrico

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