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X install ERROR

I AM NEW.  It is getting better.  I see more than the "S" prompt once in a while!
Installed the Linux system (CD's) again tonight that I configured with dselect configure.  I am using an Intel 740 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator chip (set).
Under dselect configue I tried to set the video adaptor to 480/620 but specified no driver (or card) because the Intel 740 was not listed).  On the last X set up screen the text was cut off on the right side about half away across (I think) and was quite large.  I had to choice but to click OK.  After, executing either X -probeonly > /tmp/x.out 2>&1 (no error and returned no change)  -OR-  X -probeonly >& /tmp/x.out (could not find file error).
When I execute X the screen goes blank and disk activity implies it is loading, but when the screen re-appears, I see the "$" prompt and nothing more.
When I execute startx it likewise goes blank, but am returned to "$" with these error messages:
    _X11 TranSocket UNIX Connect:can't connect:  err no=111 giving up
            XINIT:connection refused (err no. 111): unable to connect to X server
    XINIT: no such process (err no 3): Server error.
1.  What do I do?
2.  Is there a configuration application I use to set up the XF86Config ?
3.  Is there a driver for the Intel 740?
Bob Barth
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Microsoft is the question  
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