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Re: GNOME it doesn't want to come out and play?

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, john mcpeek wrote:

> Hi all,
>   Your mission should you have nothing else going on is ......
> I just installed various GNOME packages.  Every one of the GNOME progs
> gives me the error /etc/im_palette.pal does not exist. I installed just
> about everything on the planet
> for GNOME not to mention that dselect was happy with the dependencies.
> Did I do something wrong or not install something?
> P.S. I used apt-get through dselect to get the stuff.

I think you will find a file called /etc/im/im_palette.pal, make a
symlink to /etc/im_palette.pal like so:

ln -s /etc/im/im_palette.pal /etc/im_palette.pal

and that should allow the packages to work.

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