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Re: Compiling XFree86 -- no makefile in doc directory...?


Sorry to hear problems continue.  The version I built was
xfree86_3.3.2.2-4.dsc debian 2.0  CD ( from linux central)   The ftp
site is now 2.0r2 and X is I think .  The changelog does
say that xfree86 was updated with an upstream patch.  Maybe there's
a new problem. :(  Don't know what else to say.


Preston Landers wrote:
> Damn! It fails with the same "can't make clean in doc" error even with
> no patches or anything but a fresh source install.  Damn damn damn.  I
> don't know.  I guess I'll download either the Debian-Slink X packages
> and hope the problem is fixed, or just get the Xfree86 source directly
> ... though I much prefer dealing with the Debian package system. Damn.
> OK, anyway, thanks for your help ... do you have any further suggestions
> for me?  I really appreciate it!
> ---Preston
> David R Baker wrote:
> >
> > After some time comsuming experimentation (it's big!) and finding
> > libraries I did not have -dev versions of (joystick and libz), I
> > found the following sequence to work for me:
> >
> > cd "wherever"
> > dpkg-source -x blah.dsc
> > debian/rules clean
> > debian/rules build
> > debian/rules binary .
> >

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