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Re: [3] Balsa personal-confusion....

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Phillip Neumann wrote:

> Hi,
> Well I had a confution about the inbox FILE. I tought i was an inbox DIRECTORY
> so i was creating a direcory in the /var/spool/mail named <user>. When i
> realized i change it to a file and all works great. It was a stupid error of
> mine.....
	An error is only stupid if it doesn't get fixed :>

> So when i try to make balsa use the suposted inbox `DIERCTORY; i play and
> change with permission and groups of all of these directories: /var /var/spool
> /var/soppl/mail. And now i want to return the defaults.
> What permision, on whats group and who is owner of the files:
> /var/
root.root 755 (rwxr-xr-x)
> /var/spool
> /var/spool/mail
root.mail 3775 (rwxrwsr-t)

> Thanks and sorry for the confution......
	np, it's nice to be able to answer questions now and then instead
of asking them :>

> PS: Balsa is suposted to be able to recive email from my ISP via POP3 and send
> some emails too, isnit ??? (im working on it.....)
	IRRC, Balsa fetches the mail via POP3 and stores it in your local
Inbox.  Don't take my word as law though, I found it's IMAP support to be
very weak and went back to pine in a matter of minutes.  Hope this helps.


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