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Re: Why does Debian use ncurses-1.9.9g and not 4.x

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998 jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:

> Having "unofficial" versions isn't
> something I'd like to encourage.

Hmm. I thought it was a GOOD idea to modify and redistribute free
software. I think as long as any bugs go to the maintainer of the
unofficial package and not to Debian's bug system, things should be OK.
Discussions of said bugs might also not belong on Debian mailing lists

As long as the package is built correctly ( I always put an L in the
version number of anything I repackage meaning LOCAL and change the
distribution in the changelog to "local"  in case it accidently gets
uploaded ) there should be little problem with interfering with Debian.

I have modified a few packages in my day and make, for example, a modified
package of vim with GUI support available on my FTP site.

George Bonser

The Linux "We're never going out of business" sale at an FTP site near you!

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