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Entity Modelling sw for Linux?


As you may have seen from other messages I am moving the whole office
onto Debian.  The FileServer and Firewall are working fine as pure
Linux. My Java programmer is fine as pure linux. I am left with needing
NT for a few things such as Delphi 3 Development (against SQL Anywhere

One other application I still need windows NT for is PowerDesigner from
Powersoft. It is a graphical database entity modeling tool. I am looking
for alternatives that will run under X on Linux. This is currently a
pain as the databases I am designing are being used by the java
programmer so I keep having to switch between NT and Linux.

Just to clarify what I mean by entity modelling. The tool is to allow me
to design relational databases. It needs a visual display of the
relationships between entities and needs to be able to produce the sql
code to actually generate the database for a number of different dbms.
There need to be a variery of reports on the model which can be
customised for particular target readers. The whole model must support
being divided into sub-models as my brain can't cope with the whole
thing in one go.

Any suggestions open source, free, or commercial?


Dave Warnock
Sundayta Ltd

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