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Compiling XFree86 -- no makefile in doc directory...?

Hi there, 

I've got the xfree86_3.3.2.3.orig.tar.gz and xfree86_3.3.2.3-1.diff

I'm trying to compile my own Xfree86 to a) use PGCC 1.1b optimizations
and b) compile XTT (X TrueType) into it hopefully.

I unpack the .tar.gz file, apply my patches succesfully, and run

debian/rules binary

I get pretty far, but then it chokes on:

... stuff here ...
cleaning in ./doc
entering directory .../xfree86/doc
*** No rule to make target "clean". Stop.

and then of course, it bails out on me.

Sure enough, the doc directory has a blank makefile.  I tried just
putting a "clean::" into it but that didn't work.

What can I do?  Has anyone else encountered this?  Does someone have a
valid doc makefile that I can use?  Or can otherwise clue me in on what
I am missing?

Your help is *greatly* appreciated.


Preston Landers

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