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Re: Your friends...... whatever.

Igor Grobman <igor@igoria.net> writes:

> Some time around  Mon, 07 Sep 1998 18:44:35 +1200, 
>          Michael Beattie wrote:
>  > On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Igor Grobman wrote:
>  > 

> > Having said that there is one exception to this rule ;-) and that is aol.com . 
>  > > It has been established that 99.9% of the mail with @aol.com from field ha
>  > s 
>  > > nothing to do with any topics relevant to debian lists.  Right now, all 
>  > > aol.com posts come to me, and I forward them to the list if necessary (I 
>  > > haven't had to do any of that lately).
>  > 
>  > Heh... its funny really.. AOL has quite strict rules does it not? Correct
>  > me if I am wrong.
> Yes they do, but they do have a huge customer base and it's very
> easy to sign on even for a newbie, plus their clueful/clueless ratio
> is probably the lowest in the industry ;-).  That means that the
> spammers have no problem signing on with a new account as soon as
> they are kicked off, and that the chances of a relevant post to
> debian lists are very low.  I haven't seen one in about 2 months.

In addition their software is proprietary from scratch. Rumor goes
they wrote a complete OS for providing the service. This
gives them 100% virus protection... (well nearly). And this is why their
software only runs on Windows boxes, thus the signal to noise ratio is
stunningly low, isn't it?


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