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Re: [Debian] ISDN - Worldwide support

On Sat, Sep 05, 1998 at 11:41:04AM +0200, Nils Rennebarth wrote:

> The hardware isn't the problem. This is an area where ISDN is the
> same all over the world (correct me someone if I'm wrong here)

Unfortunately yes. The primary difference between ISDN in different countries 
is if the telco provides the NT or not. This leads to devices which either 
have a built-in NT or not depending on the area they are sold in.

> The problem is the D-channel protocol which is different everywhere. There
> is DSSS1 in Europe (with a few subtle differences between the countries),
> NI-1 and another one in the US and about Japan I don't know. And in Europe
> there are the national ones too, like 1TR6 in Germany.

Well, I once had a Zyxel omni.net which could talk several D-channel protocols 
but which was available either with or without NT. In Germany it was sold 
without NT as the telco provides it and the manual stated it was available 
with an internal NT e.g. in the USA. This is probably what the original poster 
was wondering about. No, I don't know of a universal ISDN TA that operates 

> I don't know of a software that operates everywhere.

And this is the part of the original question which I didn't understand. 
Usually you get an external ISDN device to circumvent any driver problems as 
they are usually connected to a serial port of the computer. Why would I need 
special Debian support for brand a, brand b etc?

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