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Re: Help! finding superblocks on hosed partition table

Some time around  Wed, 02 Sep 1998 07:52:25 CDT, 
         "Richard E. Hawkins Esq." wrote:
 > Oh, dear.  Just as i decided to store the whole file system, reinit
 > the hd, and reinstall, it beat me to it by one boot.  I had been
 > getting error messaes from fdisk, and it wouldn't create my new
 > partition 3.  (the "resource busy", reboot to save message)
 > The last act was to use mtools to copy from a dosimage to the floppy.
 > The new files didn't show up on the floppy, and now there's no 
 > partition table.  And I don't recall the sizes :(
 > What I do know is that hda1 was a small (30mb?) partition for /boot.
 > I forget what was on hda2, but it was small enough that hda3 could
 > start in the first 1024 cylinders.  and hda4 was an extended partition.

You can create a partition table from scratch if you knew the exact geometry 
using linux fdisk.  I am not sure if you can do this without knowing it at all. 

 > A couple of weeks ago, i read about a program to scan the disks for
 > superblocks to try to solve these problems.  Does anyone recall 
 > what/where it is?

The superblocks are usually located every 8k on the filesystem.  The first one 
is at block 1, second is at 8193 and so on...  You can tell e2fsck (and other 
ext2 utils such as tune2fs, dumpe2fs) the location of the superblock by using 
the -b option.

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