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RE: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #913

I can't figure this out. I have been installing Debian for about 2 weeks
of and on. I'm downloading from the net to a DOS partition.
Every so often my Linux partition gives me a 'can not allocate memory
error.' I run df and sure enough 100% of my partition is in used. Then I
run dselect again or re-boot and I get the correct reading of 62% of the
partition used! The last time this happened was last night. The night
before I was using linux, but made no modification. I didn't add any
files or remove any. I did touch and of the configuration file (the one
that I know are anyway). I was in X using dfm to explore the structure I
try to figure out the other problems I have. Maybe it has something to
do with the way I logoff, that's all I can figure out. Can someone clue
me in?

"Your problem is you try to figure out everything, and I can't figure
nothing out!"
-my wife.

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