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Seyon and Xadmin... can't see but it's there....


I am a newbie so here it goes. . . . 

First off I installed linux by downloading everything of the net onto a
DOS partition. Now I'm up and running, but of course I keep get this
depends on that or suggest and recommends...that all good. The first
question is when I use Xadmin it just froze...the LEDs on my computer
just flicked and flicked...So I ran it from Xterm and got the error that

Xadmin could not locate the font. It seemed that /perl15/tk/widget.pm
did not exist. 
I then went to the directory it said and looked for the file...it was
right there!!!  I also, have this problem with Seyon, It say the file
phonelist is not there or in default directory, but I manually put it in
both. Can someone tell me how  to make either or this two programs
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