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Re: Vim leaves ~ files

On: 30 Aug 1998 09:07:49 +0200 Danny ter Haar writes:
> Chris <chris@ormond.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
>> Does anyone know why vim keeps leaving ~ files around everytime I
>> edit a file?
> The maintainer of vim changed the default behavior
> :((((((((((((((((((((((((((( edit /etc/vimrc
> search for the line
> set backup            " keep a backup file
> and uncomment this like this:
> " set backup            " keep a backup file
> Hint for the maintainer: please set a default of NO backups !

I don't think so.  The default behaviour of an editor should be a safe
one.  And the backup files usually don't make problems (exception are
the sendmail mail queue directory and similiar spooling places, where
no one should manually edit the files), run-parts, for example, make a
good job of ignoring backup files and .dpkg-{dist,new,old} ones.


BTW: The default colouring of shell scripts was quite confusing[1] too at
     the start but it is nice now.

[1] Even though I use Emacsen regulary, I just didn't expect for a vi
to be so colourful ;-)

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