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Re: 2.0.35-1 menuconfig error

George Bonser wrote:
> WHen trying to make menuconfig on 2.0.35-1 I get the following:
> scripts/Menuconfig: line 1183:  8917 Segmentation fault      $DIALOG
> --backtitle "$backtitle" --infobox "Preparing configuration scripts..." 3
> 40
> make: *** [menuconfig] Error 1
> If I issue the command manually, I also segfault. RUnning a make clean all
> and another make menuconfig does not fix it.
> It looks like the lxdialog executeable that gets built in scripts/lxdialog
> is broken.
> Has anyone else had this problem? I need to build autofs support into the
> kernel and the system is behind a firewall from me and I can not use
> xconfig. I will use a plain-old make config if I have to but I really like
> the menuconfig.

I got something similar to this.  IIRC, you need to upgrade ncurses and


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