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3com 3c905b support in Hamm


Cards recognised by Hamm?

I am about to get Hamm installed on 4 PC's. I have been checking out the hardware for Linux compatability by starting the installation of a RedHat 5.0 CD (my Installer arrives on Tuesday with the Debian CD and I want to be sure everything is going to be ready).

Currently I have as many different network cards as PC's. Two are recognised by RH 5.0 two are not.

The ones that are NOT recognised by RH5.0 are a Intel EtherExpress Pro 100/B and a 3Com 3c905b-tx Fast Etherlink XL PCI 10/100base-tx.

Are these going to be recognised / work with Hamm? What confuses me is that a slightly older 3com 3c905 tx (ie not the "b") is recognised by RH5.0 but as a 3c59x (Vortex).



PS When I say recognised by RH5.0 is means I start the installation, at the point of FDISK I jump to the menu and choose network configuration. With the working PCI card the installation just shows me it's name and goes straight to the setting of IP address etc. With the other cards I get a menu of supported cards, when I choose what I think is the correct one I get the change to autoprobe but it never finds the card.

I realise a) Hamm installation is completely different and b) it may be possible to get these cards to work by setting some parameters manually.

So what I really need to know is a) will Hamm support these cards automatically or if not can I get them to work with some manual parameter setting.

Dave Warnock
Sundayta Ltd

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