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Re: [HELP/ADVICES NEEDED] Problems w/ my HD

> On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, Max Lawson wrote:
> > I'm running Debian GNU/Linux at home. I've overclocked my box a few days ago by 
> > increasing the bus frequency. 
> One might say that you were asking for it.  If you overclock the system
> bus, you'll overclock most other busses along with it (this can actually
> be seen as a feature, not a bug :-) .)  The snag is, that all devices
> attached to the overclocked busses must be able to cope with it.
> > The "problem" I have is the messages printed at boot time. Forgotten to 
> > take the messages but they're of the form "status=0x.." and "error=0x..".
> > I've also noticed that the HD activity LED stays on even if no request is 
> > performed on the HD. 
> Looks like your harddisk is misbehaving then.  Gee, I wonder why.
> > Note that, the system have been stable for 4days and so (and I've almost 
> > forgotten this trouble untill I reboot today).
> Erm, maybe you just shouldn't reboot anymore!  Or set the system bus back
> to normal speed again.  Or buy other disks, videocards etc. that can
> stands the increased strain from being clocked above manufacturer
> specification.
> It also helps to have a very robust motherboard that keeps signals in
> shape (literally, crappy boards will allow signal edges to go sloppy or
> even rippled) as frequencies increase.
> Cheers,
> Joost

	Hi Joost, 

Thanx a lot for your quick answer. 

The motherbord is an ASUS-P2B one. It should therefore be able to run with 
a bus frequency greater than 100MHz. The processor i've overcloched is a  
__protected__ PII 233 with a fixed 3.5x factor. The bus frequency is 
actually 83Mhz. So everything should be fine ? No ? 

The HD is an U/DMA HD.

Going home soon. Maybe I've disturbed some branching. Don't think so, but ..! 
Or should I change some drivers parameters ? I know about the hdparm utility 
but don't want to use it: I'm far from being familiar with hardware related 

Thanx again, 

P.S. I've overclocked cause this, as expected, improves the execution time of 
heavy numerical program I have. Ciao ! 

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