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Non us-ascii characters in ls


am currently helping a friend install 2.0 and we came across something
I've noted before but bypassed (mainly work in english anyway), ls will
list non-us-ascii characters as '?' instead of the proper character like
å, ä, or ö (the characters specific to swedish).

d1temp@t1o6p33:~$ mkdir hhhh
d1temp@t1o6p33:~$ cd hhhh/
d1temp@t1o6p33:~/hhhh$ touch räksmörgås
d1temp@t1o6p33:~/hhhh$ ls

I read the ls manpage, searched DejaNews, checked a webpage with alot
of tips and tricks on getting the swedish characters just about
anywhere, but haven't been able to get ls to cooperate...

Anyone with a solution, pointer to the appropriate document or just an
idea about what's happening?

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