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Re: multiple problems

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, spOOL wrote:

> 1. what packages do I need to download to get X to work???  I would like to
> use the Win95 look alike window manager

xbase*.deb xserver-yourcard*.deb a-window-manager.deb some-apps.deb
xlibg6*.deb is your card an ATI MACH64?, then d/l xserver-mach64*.deb.
FVWM95 works fine if you really like to things ala '95.

> 2. I tried to set up PPP to connect to the internet to get the packages
> that way but I couldn't figure out how to configure my modem(US Robotics
> 56k...not the win only modem)

Configure PPP by running pppconfig, which much easier to setup than
manually editing the files.

> 3. how do I setup my graphics card??

XF86Setup or xf86config whichever one you prefer.  XF86Setup has a
graphical but you need the vga16 xserver.  I think svgalib support
MACH64's by now.  Anyway I can run xaos on svga mode using a MACH64 card.
Haven't tried if squake runs but xquake runs although much slower.

> 4. how do I setup my Linksys PCI Lan Card II ethernet card??????
> 5. later...I will need WINE...any suggestions from the start 

See if your NIC is supported on debian.org website.


Admiral Charah

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