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Re: Debian 1.3.1 instal on a 386/40

Rolf Edlund wrote:
> In <19980826010658.D11622@tapiola.infodrom.north.de>, on 08/26/98 
>    at 01:06 AM, Martin Schulze <joey@tapiola.Infodrom.North.DE> said:
> >> Thinking on install 1.3.1 on a old AMD386DX/40 with 20Mb ram, a Mitsumi
> >> LU005S cd-rom (non-ide), an ET4000 graphic chip and no FPU.
> >Looks like my ftp/irc server.  However it crashed after 250 days of
> >uptime. :(
> >> Any problem ?
> >No.  Only little bit slow... but perfect for a router, ftpserver, irc
> >server etc.
> I'm now running OS/2 v3, on this 386dx/40. :-).
> Saving mony, som I can get me a Mereced 1Ghz. :-)
> >We also have a 386sx20 in our network acting as web and ftp
> >server. Yeah, I love these machines.  It's much more fun to revive them
> >than new regular boxes with lots of power.
> Exaktly my point to. And besides that, we can get them at no cost at all.
> :-)
> But I'm still wondering, is Debian supporting non-ide cd-roms ? And what
> about FPU emulation in kernel 2.0.30 ? Have tryed to look for info on
> that, but have not found any.

If the kernel supports them, Debian does, too.

Look into the Hardware-HOWTO.

Mitumi, Sony, Soundblaster, Goldstar etc. ar no problem.



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