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Re: smail config...


i tried it but smailconfig doesn't configure the entire config file.

i am looking to...
1) access my mail via POP3
2) send mail via SMTP
3) forward some other mail to another email
4) forward *@justquotes.com to tpua@justquotes.com

i went into the /etc/smail/config file but don't know what directives to use
in order to get 1) through 4) to work.

please advise and thanks.


Richard E. Hawkins Esq. wrote:

> > i am trying to setup the /etc/smai/config file to my configurations but
> > don't know if this is the right file to change.
> > is this the compiled-in configuration?  if not, please advise.
> you should be using smailconfig; it does it for you.
> rick

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