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Re: identd

-> > if anyone will find he's usiong fake identd ppl will k-line him...
-> > IRC is not made for putting bots and bots abuse IRC. if someone wants to
-> > abuse IRC he will be banned. 
-> Well I have to agree...
-> I personally almost never use IRC but...if a server admin doesn't want somone
-> logging on and setting up multiple bots then that is their right. It is
-> generally a free service afterall...
-> if someone thinks it is sooo important that they have multiple bots
-> they could always shell out a few bux a month for a T-1 and start their
-> own IRC server.

They usually can't connect server to IRC network then, nobody will connect
IRC server just because someone want to have many bots...
bots abuse the irc NETWORK, not just server (and users)

-> of course...I have mixed feelings on spoofed identd itself...
-> I had actually thought of playing with that...cuz I know some
-> sites expect to find identd but... I dunno how much I like hte
-> idea someone can so easily get my local username....
-> I was thinking of something like just having it return back a random
-> string of charicters every time it is querried...
-> is there any real reason NOT to do this?

hmmm there should be possibility to detect who is being queried and disable
him access to IRC server; so for one user should be thew string always the
same, even if it's not its username. Otherwise, the same will happen as if
no ident would be on that machine - ppl would disable connecting to
server/channels from the machine, not just form that user.

There's so much abuse on IRC, ppl need to have way how to prevent someone
from connecting IRC; of course user can move to another provider but that;s
still better then nothing.
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin at NETLAB+ Kosice, Slovakia
 BIC coord for *.sk; admin of netlab.irc.sk; co-admin of irc.felk.cvut.cz

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