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Need some software advice.

Hi Debianizers,

I have a friend who has shown some interst in Linux, so I think I might
possibly have another convert from the windoze world. Actually, I think
the thing that might have sold her on it is the possibility of burning
CDs and still being able to use the computer - unlike the windoze world
where you have to tip-toe around the computer when it's burning a CD
lest you make a coaster!

The only question is the one of applications. The idea is that she
should still be able to do her homework while CDs are copying.

Wordprocessor should be no problem, either KLyx or StarOffice should be
more than up to the task (I'll put on KDE, which should make Linux a
little easier to use for a first-timer). 

Does anyone know of a good IDE, something that will have a shallow
learning curve from M$ Visual C++, Preferably X based (please don't say
'emacs', I don't want to scare her off too soon!)?

Also a spreadsheet-type thing would also be handy. Ability to export to
Excel would be a plus, but I guess comma- or tab-delimited would do.

Also some CD burning software. I've seen a bit of stuff about, but as I
don't have a burning myself, I've never used them personally. It's for a
SCSI 4x/6x, with an adaptec PCI SCSI card, so I'm sure the Kernel will
have no problem with it. Any recomendations about easy to use (or at
least learn) CD Burning programs?



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