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Re: Little/Big endian discussion (was: Re: can I burn the output of mpg123 -s?)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Stephen A. Witt wrote:

[ snip network vs. host order discussion ]

[ I wrote ]

 : > I'm coming into this late, and perhaps under-armed ... but no, I don't
 : > understand.  Network order == big-endian ... so on little-endian
 : > machines htons(), htonl() et. do actually perform a conversion.  On a
 : > big-endian system, no conversion is necessary because network order ==
 : > host order on these machines.  

[ Steve wrote ]

 : wrong.  The htons(), htonl(), etc. routines should ALWAYS be used
 : regardless of whether they are needed (little endian) or not (big endian). 
 : This is just good software engineering practice. Anyone making this kind
 : of mistake will not be looked upon favorably by the other members of their
 : software development team are will likely receive a sharp retort.

Bummer; as I re-read my email I see that I didn't express myself well at
all.  I agree that systems exchanging information should always use the
routines in question (even though I didn't explicitly state that) ... my
point about "no conversion necessary" was in response to Steve
Carpenter's assertion that the functions "did nothing" on big-endian
machines.  Even though the functions do nothing, they should still be
used for portability.

Sorry about that!

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