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Re: big file problem

On 19 Aug 98 16:51:37 GMT, sevinian@crdlx2.yerphi.am wrote:

>Hi All, 
>today I have changed the harddisk on my PC from 1.1G to ~4G WD
>Caviar 24300.  I was quite happy when I have got running system by simply
>'cp from_old_disk to_new_disk'. Everything was fine until I tried to work
>with big files (~400M). First I used 'dd' to make copy but system hungs at
>some point. Then I decided to use 'cp' and I got a lot of horrible
>messages about disk errors. As I remember, during 'mkfs.ext2 -c /dev/hdx'
>there was only "read only testing". Is there any way to do read/write
>test? Or, may there are other idea about this problem?

The best way I know to perform a direct copy of one disk to another is
the following:

cd /
find . -xdev -print | cpio -padm /mnt

Where you're copying everything from the root filesystem downwards,
including mount points (but not their contents), onto a filesystem
mounted at /mnt.

I hope that this helps you.

Rob Wilderspin
"But I need it to crash once every few days - 
reboots are the only chance I get to sleep..."
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