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cannot map libnewt.so.0.20

	I am trying to run whiptail .. when I execute the command I get a
Fatal Error 

[winnie:popt:<04:35:03 PM>]~/local/bin/whiptail
7827:/home/me/fx942976/local/bin/whiptail: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: 
cannot map libnewt.so.0.20

Does anyone know why what I have done wrong?

Jonathan Lawson 
Thermal Processes Unit 
Department of Applied Energy and Optical Diagnostics 
School of Mechanical Engineering, 
Cranfield  University, 
Cranfield, Bedford. UK.  
email j.lawson@cranfield.ac.uk

					'They came forth from unholy darknesses ...
					 and were driven back by the rage of Angels'

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