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Re: WARNING : libc6 Version: 2.0.7t-1 breaks resolv routines

Adrian writes:
> It's wierder than that as someone at IBM pointed out - "host"
> _does_ read /etc/hosts, but "host localhost" doesn't. Strange.

>From the man page:
       host [-v] [-a] [-t querytype] [options]  name  [server]
       host looks for information about Internet hosts and domain

This implies that 'host' deals only in names and would therefor make 'host' undocumented behavior.  However, the man page also says:

       If the first argument is an Internet address, a query is
       done on the special "reverse mapping" domain to look up
       its associated host name.

This, on the other hand, implies that 'host' does deal in IP addresses.
Looks like a bug in the man page.
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