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Re: Installing XFSTT on HAMM

On Sat, Aug 15, 1998 at 11:48:16PM -0400, Noel Yap wrote:
> The xfstt package that comes with hamm is very minimalistic in terms of
> documentation and user setup.  

yes it is...thats one of the main reasons I took over maintenance of it 

> You might be better off installing the
> more up-to-date package in slink, which more-or-less takes care of
> everything for you.  Anyway, here's a brief description of what you need
> to do:
> 1.  Put all your .ttf fonts into /var/ttfonts.

I just want to note...that in the latest slink version This has changed
(just a fore-warning)

> 2.  Create an xfstt startup script in /etc/init.d and corresponding
> symlinks in /etc/rc?.d.

make the script named xfstt ....the do 
update-rc.d xfstt defaults 
to make the sym links

> 3.  Edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config so that it has 'FontPath "unix/:7100"'
> in Section "Files".
> The hardest part is step 2, but the latest package in slink should take
> care of that for you.

sigh yes...most of th emost recent bug reports were for that damned init.d 
script....I have included the CURRENT init.d script below for any hamm users
who want it...this is the on eused in slink

NOTE you will need to change XF86Config to use the line
Fontpath "unix/:7101" 
OR edit this script (port 7101 is PREFERED since it does NOT conflict with
xfs ) 

---------- /etc/init.d/xfstt ------------
# Start or stop xfstt
# by Stephen Carpenter <sjc@debian.org>
# Tue,  7 Jul 1998 01:42:32 -0400


# Change this to change the default port

test -x "$XFSTT" || exit 0

case "$1" in
        test -r "/var/run/xfstt.pid" && { echo "xfstt already running" >&2 && 
it 0 ; }
        echo -n "Starting X TrueType Font Server: xfstt"
        $XFSTT --port $portno &
        echo "."        

        test -r "/var/run/xfstt.pid" || { echo "xfstt not running" >&2 && exit 
 ; }
        echo -n "Stopping X TrueType Font Server: xfstt"
        kill `cat /var/run/xfstt.pid` 
        echo "."        

        $0 stop
        $XFSTT --sync
        $0 start

        echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/xfstt {start|stop|force-reload|restart}" >&2
        exit 1

exit 0



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