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Re: Debian New User

trickstr@eagnet.com wrote:
> I just recently installed the debian version of linux and now I have a few
> question...
> 1. I downloaded a few extra packaged from the debian www site, now; I use a
> dual system (linux on one HD, Win95 on another). When i d/l the files they
> had the extension of .Deb and I placed them on floppy. Next started linux
> and ran dselect and tried to add the new packages and I could not do it
> cause there needed to be some sort of package list for the file/files.
> Anyone know what I am takling over here. if pls help.

	First, use dpkg to install those packages you got; something like 'dpkg
-i packagename.deb'.  However, once you get internet access working on
your Linux system, use 'dselect' or 'apt' to automaticly download files
from ftp.debian.org for example, instead of manually doing it.
	I suggest getting the latest versions of dpkg,dselect, and apt from
either the hamm (Debian 2.0) and slink (next version of Debian, 2.1). 
Then use the 'apt' access method in dselect and put something like 

	deb http://ftp1.us.debian.org/debian hamm main contrib non-free
	deb http://ftp1.us.debian.org/debian slink main contrib non-free

in your /etc/apt/sources.list.
	Once you've got this working, keeping your system up to date is trivial
(well, once you get used to using dselect, anyway).

> 2. What packages and programs are needed to dial up to isp and log onto the
> i-net. And any tips on setting up a modem?

	pppconfig make this relatively easy, it worked for me.

> 3. Any help on these issues would be appreciated. Thanks Brian........
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Ed C.

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