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Re: Was the release of Debian 2.0 put on Linux Announce?

George Bonser wrote:
> Let me put it another way.  Non-geek calls software vendor to buy
> WonderWare for Linux. He asks if it will run on his system. The guy asks
> what version of libc he is using. The non-geek says he has no idea. Vendor
> asks what the LSB version is and the non-geek says 1.2. Vendor says he
> must upgrade his system to a LSB-1.3 compliant version and to see his
> Linux Distribution's website for details.

Why do you expect non-geek will know what version of LSB his system complies
with? LSB isn't something innately easier for non-geek to comprehend than
the libc or kernel version. Remember that the concept of standards is just
as foreign to non-geeks as is the concept of kernels. We already advertise
our kernel version. If people don't know it, there is no reason to suppose
they would know the LSB version if we advertised that.

see shy jo

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